A dog is for life

As daylight broke, a car sped off, down by the sandy beach,
No one could hear the doleful cries,  so cruelly out of reach.

As the day grew hot, the cries grew dim, no hope of help seemed near,
no helping hand, or soft kind word, only hunger, thirst and fear.

By 4 o’clock, with the sun still hot, wiping a tear from her eye,
a young girl walking in the cooling sand, tried to fathom her lovers goodbye.

Away from the happy, bustling crowds, not wanting to be found,
she sat behind the towering rocks, and through her tears, heard a pitiful sound.

She looked around, but couldn’t see, yet her heart felt very sure,
that something needed all her help, then she heard the sound once more.

Reaching behind the big grey rock, she slowly pulled out a black bag,
and with racing heart, she looked inside, and saw, what she thought, was just rag.

But as daylight and air breathed life inside, so the rag moved and eye and an ear,
then a small black nose and little pink tongue, brought again to her eyes, a tear.

As she gently took the pup from the bag, she knew just what she would do,
for humans can be cruel and heartless, but a dogs’ love for you is so true.

As he nestled his tired body against her, he let out a gentle sigh,
If her lover hadn’t left her, would he have been left there to die?

Sent by Viv f Fourpaws

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