I have often heard it said by the human race today
Isn’t it a dogs life when things don’t go their way
Do they know what they are saying, they do not you can be sure
For I am speaking from experience, so I will tell you more
I wake up in the morning and rise up from my bed
Then stroll around the garden until my breakfast I am fed
After that I have a walk, this could be long or short
Depending on the weather, should it rain I won’t get caught
When I get back my coat is brushed, and made to look quite smart
Is this then that dogs life that was mentioned at the start
I then find myself a quiet spot and settle down to sleep
For soon there’ll be another walk, an appointment I must keep
Sometimes in the car I go and walk around a wood
It appears it is the thing to do, they say it does me good
Then home once more, its time by then to be served up with my tea
This of course is brought to me, they always wait on me
Another snooze and then we’re off to stroll around once more
That ends the day with nowt to do but lay around and snore
So when they say its a dogs life, and as they weep and wail
There is one thing that’s quite certain, that dog is no Airedale.

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