About David

David was the pioneer and founder of the Nottinghamshire Hospice

david_susanDavid’s interests are playing piano and organ, in the 70’s he created many world records for non stop playing on the organ to raise money for Mini Buses and other medical needed supplies for Bancroft House in Mansfield and Kings Mill Childrens Hospital which is recorded in the Guiness Books of Record.

In one year he played over 1000 hours on electric organs in Nottingham Social Services homes for the elderly and infirm-Mental Health establishments-Centres for the Physically Handicapped-Childrens Establishments etc and created a New World Record in March 1973 for non stop organ playing the duration of which was 51 hours. He was given Civic Receptions in Nottingham and Mansfield in recognition of his charity work. In December 1973 he was presented with an illuminated Scroll by Commander Sir Philip Franklin Lord Lieutentant Of Nottinghamshire on behalf of the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. See scroll down on main page to – Davids Scroll of Merit

In 1977 David founded The Nottinghamshire Hospice, for more information on this, click here.

As a Fellow of The Institute of Directors ( F.inst D) David was keen on exports and in 1965 the Board Of Trade and The Prime Ministers office congratulated David on his example and export achievments. David retired in 1988 to Spain at the age of 50.

david_planesDavid also enjoyed water ski-ing and held a Private Pilots Licence until a few years ago.

David is one of the founders of a Masonic Lodge in Spain and has been involved in Freemasonary in London and Nottingham for over 40 years., he was also a member of the Lions. When The National Council For Civil Liberties was in its infancy he was the sole representative for Nottinghamshire covering Rampton Hospital and was on the rehabilitation committee of Nottingham Prison.

The Costa del Sol is known as the Cost del Crime. Many senior retired people have been ripped off by con-men purporting to be licenced Financial Advisors. Many people have lost their homes and many have been compelled to return to the UK. David formed an action group with the help of John Parsons which to date has recouped in excess of 3 Million Pounds. 100’s of cases are in the criminal courts.

As a member of The Federation of Dog Trainers & Canine Behaviourists (FDTCB), he has dedicated himself to their goals of humane and non confrontational training.


(Video : About 25 years or more ago )

He is much more than a dog trainer, he is a behaviourist and as such he is trained to locate the root cause of problems in the canine/human relationship, and correct them using gentle methods as recognised by his professional affiliations. David has devoted over 55 years training dogs and the study of behaviour incorporating the passive approach to dog training since he retired.

dog_man_2David’s motto is : ‘commitment, firmness & kindness‘.

COMMITMENTBecause a dog is for life. Before you acquire one, you must be committed to looking after your friend for his or her life.

FIRMNESSA dog needs to respect you. Be firm and you will have a happier and more enjoyable life together.

KINDNESSPhysical punishment will solve no problems, indeed it may cause some. Kindness costs nothing but he promises you the rewards will be great.


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