¨David trains pet owners¨

The Times in featuring a half-page of tips for owners from the book.

¨I've seen hundreds of doggie books and this is quite unlike anything else... You'd be barking mad not to buy it!¨

Beverley Cuddy, editor, Dogs Today, the U.K.’s leading dog magazine.

¨Fascinating and essential reading for every one of the seven million people in Britain who own a dog.¨

Alison Phillips, features editor, Sunday People.

¨It is hard to believe how much useful information David has packed into this book... Essential reading for every pet dog owner.¨

Kevin McNicholas, a top U.K. canine behaviourist.

¨Knowledge born of experience, combines good sense with compassion.¨

Dr Roger Mugford The UK leading Behaviourist

¨Wonderful snippets of information and advice. World-wide wealth of information. Easy to read format makes it a must for the pet dog owner.¨

Ann DeRizzio, president, Federation of Dog Trainers and Canine Behaviourists.

¨If you can only afford to buy one dog book, make it this one. It's bursting with information covering every aspect of dog ownership. An invaluable guide for any dog owner.¨

Steve Dean Breeding Manager/Puppy Trainer Metropolitan Police, London England.

¨A wealth of information. A must for all dog owners.¨

George Grayson, president of The British Police & Services Canine Association.

¨A must for the expectant, new or confirmed dog owner.¨

The News, France’s Leading English language newspaper.

¨There is nothing quite like this on the market today. A refreshing and extraordinary interesting read.¨

David Caville, publisher of Our Dogs, Our Cats and Dogs Monthly, Studies Co-ordinator of the Animal Care College.

¨This book must be the first in its field to be so Internet-oriented and will appeal to many who wish to further their canine knowledge through that medium. Its 335 pages are jam-packed with information and his and others' opinions.¨

“Dog World”, leading canine U.K. newspaper.

¨David the Dogman's A-Z Guide to Dogs|| looks great. It is a great concept and a really handy reference tool.¨

Captain Haggerty, publisher of the “Aggression Newsletter”, Los Angeles.

¨Thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of that! I'm definitely going to recommend it to any and all who are working on better training with their dogs.¨

Natalie Ray, Search and Rescue, USA.

¨In addition to being a good book about dogs, David's book is a state of the art internet resource. If you want to start an international doggy network, this is where to begin.¨

Terry Ryan, Top Behaviourist in the USA

¨I Love the style the book is written, the content is wide and varied on a plethora of topics, it will appeal to many people. Even if I forgive you for spelling my name wrong!¨

Grant Teeboon – Police Dog Instructor – 21 yrs Service RAAF Australia

¨The reader will find many of the basics of responsible and humane dog ownership here. In matters of training, David the Dogman includes approaches other than his own and this adds to both the interest and usefulness of this book.¨

Sarah Morgan, Ph.D., k9netuk (A leading U.K. Internet canine forum.)

¨Its 335 pages are jam-packed with information ,must be the first in its field to be so Internet-oriented and will appeal to many who wish to further their canine knowledge through that medium.¨

Jeff Crawford, Dog World

David the Dogman´s A-Z Guide to DOGS

Internationally Recommended Book
“David’s A-Z Guide to DOGS”

David is a top canine behaviourist and trainer. David the Dogman shares his expertise and vast knowledge with dog lovers in this unique book containing more than 300 alphabetical references to everything you need to know about dogs.

The book, which explains behavioural problems and gives all important training commands as well as many fascinating facts about dogs, also contains contributions from top dog experts from around the world.

The author used to manage some of the world’s main canine Internet sites and forums where all the latest ideas and techniques are exchanged by behaviourists, trainers and veterinary Doctors. In addition for the first time in any dog book, the Internet addresses or more than 250 dog related sites are listed.

This will help dog owners to return the companionship, loyalty and devotion of their pets by learning a great deal about their behaviour mentality and requirements. Its aim is to ensure the happy combination of obedient dogs and knowledgeable understanding owners.

Book Random Sample Pages

I am pleased to acknowledge the following friends and highly respected experts in the world of dogs for permission to reproduce their articles in this book:

Lynn Aitchson, Diana Barbara, Lou Castle, Beverley Cuddy, Ian Dunbar, Dr. Dennis Fetko, George Grayson, Ron Lawrence, Pamela Mackinnon, Kevin McNicholas, Catherine O’Driscoll, Natalie Ray, Terry Ryan, Joyce Stranger, Barbara Sykes, Grant Teebon, Ann Thibault, Sheilagh B. Wilson, Dee Woodcock.


Dog Behaviour and Training

Dog Behaviour and Training


Dog behavior, is finding the cause of the problem. i.e. A dog barks and people shout it will not stop in the house for example. Dog training is when a dog (preferably young) is trained to sit, down, stay, recall and come back.  People will get amazed seeing my dog coming to me instantly and then walking around me and sit. Each part of this was training, a dog have no brain, they have to be taught everything.
A dog that attacks in police work will bring a man down but it is a game to the dog he has been taught to run after a human and bite the arm but in training the dog bites a special arm sleeve and has to let go when told. This same dog can go into a children’s school and the kids can play and no problems. The dog cannot tell the difference between a man in training who runs or a criminal, as I said they have no brains but training is based on instinct.

Get this book, to learn about Behaviour and Training of Dogs.

Buy the two Books Bundle

Buy the two Books Bundle

BUNDLE, 50+ years of experience, at a little price.

It takes years of study, and experience to know about this, here you can get about 50+ years of my own experience, resumed in about 400 pages and two books.
You would be more than satisfied with the results you can obtain with your dogs using the methods described here.

The books are good not only for people, but also for Trainers.
If you are unsure, just read the reviews made by professionals and magazines all around the world about this.


An encyclopedic reference book. Facts about dogs, their training, articles by world experts, guide to Internet sites and much more.

Dog lovers everywhere should read this book which contains more than 400 alphabetical references to everything you need to know about dogs in a totally fresh approach to the subject.

Written by David the Dogman, an acknowledged leading behaviourist and people canine educator, the book also includes many articles by other top dog experts from around the world.

It has the unique benefit of the knowledge the author has acquired by managing some of the world’s main Internet sites and forums upon which all the latest ideas and techniques are exchanged by behaviourists, trainers and vets.

All the important training commands and behavioural problems are explained as well as many fascinating facts about dogs interspersed with humorous items to remind readers that their pets are fun.

In addition, for the first time in any dog book, there are the Internet addresses of several hundred dog-related sites to give hours of fascinating surfing.

This “A – Z to Dogs” will help dog owners to return the companionship, loyalty and devotion of dogs by learning a great deal about their behaviour, mentality and requirements.

The aim is to ensure the happy combination of obedient dogs and knowledgeable, understanding owners.

A dog is truly man’s best friend but man is not always a dog’s best friend. This is mainly due to lack of understanding of the canine mentality and what is a dog’s normal behaviour.
No other animal gives us the companionship, loyalty and devotion of a dog. The aim of this book is to give you a better understanding of your dog and knowledge about it from the serious to the frivolous (to remind you that dogs are fun) so that you can give it the loyalty and devotion it deserves.

Whether you are thinking about acquiring a puppy or have owned dogs all your life, I hope you will find plenty to learn in these pages.

I am fortunate in having many friends among the leading canine behaviourists all around the world thanks to the Internet forums I manage. These forums enable all the latest ideas, techniques and problems to be discussed immediately, whereas previously this could only be done at occasional meetings or conferences which were rarely world wide.

The Internet has given me much information previously impossible to obtain.

Many of my distinguished friends and some of the world’s leading authoritative sources have kindly agreed to share their expertise by contributing sections to this book. I am most grateful to them all.
This book is written in the form of an A-Z reference work with more than 400 alphabetical references, some short, others long, so that you can easily find information about any behavioural problem (and a solution) as well as most facts about dogs.
Each alphabetical section is self-contained with cross-references to other relevant material so that you can quickly refer back to a section which you might want to look up at a later date.

As a people canine educator, the slogan in which I believe is “commitment, firmness and kindness”.

COMMITMENT because a dog is for life. Before you acquire one you must be committed to looking after your friend for his or her life.
FIRMNESS. A dog needs to respect you as the dominant person in the household. Be firm and you will have a happier and more enjoyable life together.
KINDNESS. Physical punishment will solve no problems, indeed it may cause some. Kindness costs nothing but I promise you the rewards will be great. Beware the person who boasts about knowing all about dogs. “I’ve had dogs all my life”. People who have had several spouses will know each one was different.

Finally, always remember two things:
· Dogs are not small, hair-coated humans: they probably regard humans as big, many-coated dogs.
· The person who said you can’t buy happiness forgot about dogs.

David the Dogman

Canine Behavior Specialist

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