TRE_logoLive every Saturday morning at 10AM, repeated the following Wednesday at 6PM. David the Dogman is pictured here, with the Resident Vet, Nezli Kreft alongside Celia Haddon and Sarah Standing Expert on Llama, Horses and Donkey’s.

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To Call the show +34 952 784 000 and email or send your question to studio@talkradioeurop.com



LISTEN LIVE EVERY SATURDAY 10.00 CET www.talkradioeurope.com

The show is co hosted by Celia Haddon and Nazli Kreft. Celia is an expert on cats and small animals, and authoress or 42 Books. Nazli is a well known vet on the Costa del Sol. Carolyn Mentieth is the show’s anchorwoman stepping in when one of us have a holiday.



Guests Include

Steve Barker, Rona Brown, Sarah Whitehead, Keith Long, Mic Martin, Mickey Gavin, Barry Eaton, Beverley Cuddy, Laura Lee, David Ryan, Nina Bondarenko, Grant Teeboone, Steve Barker, Steve Dean, Gwen Bailey, Marc Henri, Amy Hatcher, Julie Bedford, Denise Nuthall, Christine Mildenhall, Barbara Marie, Dick Russell, Mic Martin Val Bonney,David Appleby, Sue Parslaw, Sarah Fisher, Rona Brown, Carolyn Menteith, Mickey Gavin, Amy Hatcher, David Ryan, Jez Rose,Sarah Fisher, Inge, Jenny Moir,Angela Griffiths,Susan Rogers, David Bland, Claire Graham, Margie Woodward, Val Davidson, Annie DiRizzio, George Grayson, Tim Crowfoot, Andy Cook, Marc Abrahams, Karen Wild, Trudi Atkinson, Wendy Ireland, Mandy Edwards, Joe Inglis, David Davies, Toni Shelbourn, Suzi Rogers Hartley, Leigh Woods, Sarah Wright, Guy Richardson, Sarah Millsopp, Lamia Walker, Chole Hukin, Emma Renalds, Chris Brown, Sally Hopkins, Carolin Pembrow, Gilliyan Carter, Debbie Connoly, Domonic Hodgson, Claire Whithead, Nicky Pooch, Keith Long, Laura Le, Steve Barker, Elie Salisbury, Leigh Woods, Anglela Griffiths, Alan Parton, Carolyn Levana, Steve Barker, Wendy & Teddy, Ann Norcote & Noodle, Andy Cope, A1 K9, and others.

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