Nazli comments on Microchips

David the Dogman recommends that  you never buy a kitten or puppy online or in any shop or garden centre. We must ensure that kittens and puppies are kept with their mothers and not sold through pet shops, newspaper adverts, websites and private dealers.

Before you buy that kitten or puppy make contact with the Spanish Kennel Club who have lists of registered breeders. The Kennel Club will give you every assistance  where you are assured that care has been taken and that the mother is not kept locked in a cage all her life for breeding purpose.

It is important that the you  have a healthy new member of the family which will have been seen by a vet. It is also a good idea to have a chat with the vet.

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Royal Canine Society of Spain 
C / Lagasca, 16 – Bajo Dcha.
28001 Madrid

Phone: +34 91 426 49 60


Nazli  Comments

My comments on your article about microchips in the Euroweekly:

The chip is inserted between the shoulder blades and the left neck.

Muscle tissue is not necessary for implanting a mchip as it is implanted subcutaneously. The mchip must be inserted before 3 months of age .

The chip registry database only contains the details of the animal and the owner and obligatory yearly rabies vaccination and if it has Leishmania.

Vets need to apply for authority to place microchips with the Colegio ( every 2 years).

Hug, Nazli

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