1 In most regions in Spain the Ayuntomento require all dog owners to register their pet, ask for the application form it is free to register.
Pet owners are obliged to keep pets in good hygienic sanitary conditions. The owner is responsible for any damage or injury caused to people, objects or public areas.

2. You are not allowed to abandon pets in the streets or on any close premises.

3. All pets are obliged by law to be registered in the Municipal Registry (Registro Municipal de Animales de Compania del Ayuntamiento) Owners must keep and show to the Authorities when required this Registration Certificate and the yearly anti-rabies treatment certificate.

4. In public places all dogs need to be on a leash and dogs over 20 kg, need a muzel as well.

5.Dog fouling is not allowed on streets, sidewalks or other public area’s. Should this occur the owner must have a plastic bag to collect the excrements.

6. It is absoluely forbidden to feed any animal on the streets as well as to leave food or any container to the same end.

Pet Owners ignoring these laws based on the current legal system will be prosecuted under the disciplinary proceedings following the Ley 11/2003 de 24 de Noviembre, de Proteccion de Animales.

FINES Animal Protection Law
Minor infractions from 75.00 to 500.00€   
Mayor  infractions from 501.00 to 2000.00€
Serious  infractions from 2,001 to  30,000€

Dangerous Dogs

Minor infractions from 1500.00 to 300.00€
Mayor  infractions from300.00 to 2,404.00 €
Serious  infractions from 2,404.00 to 15,025.00

In case of disobedience of this edict based on the current legal system the perceptive disciplinary proceedings will be opened.

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