An Ode to Sailor.
From my friend Eileen

In a town called Midhurst
I first met my dog,
The weather was awful
But lucky no fog.

His name it is Sailor
A Goldie by breed,
He has lovely manners
Except for his greed!
He has many talents
As you will soon see,
He takes out the washing
And gives it to me.

He opens and closes
The doors in my place,
He does it so gladly
A smile on his face.

He unties my laces
And takes off my shoes,
He makes me so happy
No time for the blues.

He helps me with shopping
And pays at the till,
He is a great tonic
No need for a pill.

He’s my friend and my helper
My pride and my joy,
My life turned a corner
When I got My Boy!

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