There are so many balls and sqeeky toys in every surgery, pet shop and store. Most were made for children, but clever manufacturers pop them into doggy type presentation packs. I do not recommend any type of ball other than the Kong range. The Kong is indestructable.

Over the past 14 years Roger Mugford has marketed the Kong range.
Scientific testing and research has shown that these relieve boredom even of kennelled dogs and provide needed outlets for the energy of active individuals has gone into the development of the Kong.

The Kong is moulded at 300 tons, to give just the right amount of resilience to dogs’ teeth. The Kong’s wild unpredictable bounce makes it a superb exercise and fetch toy. The natural rubber taste and smell encourages chewing. Better to chew a Kong than chew your furniture. The Kong deflects a dog’s natural killer instincts into joyful pursuit and harmless chewing

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