Buckingham Puss

I live at Buckingham Palace
A lovely place to be
So much space to run around
And quite a few trees to climb

My boss is rather posh
She likes the finer things of life
Champagne, Scottish salmon and sausages
Her favourite programmes are
Frost on Sunday
Question time
Not forgetting Pet Rescue

She has one or two dogs called Corgis
I thought it was the name of a truck myself
When they come out, I chase them everywhere
They call me stupid
I am a cat that you can’t mess around with me
Stupid did you say, you wait until you are alone
We’ll see the then

Here comes my boss
Hello Mam, just teaching the dogs respect
Can I help you?
Yes perhaps you can show my visitors around
This is Elton John
Mr Gore
Oh sorry I meant Mr Bush
Wrong man

Also Geri Halliwell
Bob the Builder
His cat
Cat, he better behave himself
Anyway I ‘m in charge so do as I say

The dogs are out again
Clear off or else
I must apologize, they are naughty,
You wait until later there will be trouble
Now to the tea room, hope you will
Enjoy your visit
That cat is missing, you can’t stay here
I am the only cat that lives here
I am Buckingham Puss

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