London Housecat Turns 33 Years Old

LONDON (UPI) — Whiskey isn’t associated with longevity, but it is for a London housecat so-named who recently turned 33 years old.

The old tom’s owner, Jean Stone told The Sun she found Whiskey as a newborn in an East London garbage can on March 17, 1971. “I never imagined he would live this long, especially after such a horrible start,” she said.

Stone, 66, said when she found the kitten, she fed him hourly with a doll’s baby bottle. “I do wonder if that’s the secret to his long life,” she mused.

Although Whiskey has no front teeth left, Stone said she expected he would pass the birthday as any other day, eating and sleeping.

In cat years, Whiskey’s reached 231, and Stone is hoping a veterinarian can help corroborate his age. Until then, Guinness World Records says the oldest living cat is Kataleena Lady, a 27-year-old Burmese born on March 11, 1977, in Australia

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