Why does my cat stand and lift its paws up and down in one place on your
body, almost like marching in place?

This is a cat behavior left over from kittenhood, when they kneaded their mother’s belly to help the milk flow. Some cats will actually knead and
drool when they are petted. Don’t worry – the kneading or marching means that the cat is happy. It’s sort of their way to say that you’re “kneaded!” 😉

Can cats really get stuck in trees?

Cats don’t really get stuck in trees – we only think they do. It’s been said “When was the last time you saw a cat skeleton in a tree?” Cats claws are constructed for climbing up trees, not down (unlike say a squirrels, which allow them to climb down head first). If you are patient enough, a cat in a tree will either jump down or shimmy down backwards.

Did Robert E. Lee love his cats?

Evidence indicates that American Civil War General Robert E. Lee was quite a cat lover. Letters survive that he sent home mentioning his love of cats.
While fighting the Mexican-American War he wrote to his daughter requesting her to send him a cat. She did and the cat was his constant companion throughout the war.

Which cat had the largest litter?

The largest litter of surviving kittens on record is held by Bluebell, a Persian from South Africa. Once she had 14 surviving kittens. The record for total number of kittens born is held by Dusty, a tabby from Texas. By the time she had her last litter at age 18, she had delivered more than 420 kittens.

Should I microwave my cat’s food?

Most cats don’t like food taken right out of the refrigerator. Since cats are basically predators, in the wild they would catch their food and then eat it. Their meal would be at body temperature for the animal they just killed – and that wouldn’t be very cold. If you feed your cat canned food and store it in the refrigerator, you may want to put it briefly in the microwave before giving it to your cat.

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