Cruel is the Mirror

Cruel is the mirror as I glance at it with shame
I’m a four year old Rottweiler and Helga is my name
My eyes once truly sparkled, my figure once was trim
That was in the days when home for me was with Marie and Jim

They loved me like no other, took me walks and bought me toys
We visited the local park where I played with girls and boys
My life was bliss, my days were full, to them I was all that mattered
Until that fateful evening when Jim came home and my happiness was shattered.

“Hello love” Marie began, I’ve got some super news
You’re going to be a father!” and Jim rushed out for some booze
They celebrated all night long, I missed my evening in the park
Somehow I had a feeling that my future would be dark

Daily trips to Mothercare, toys, the cot, the pram
They just simply ignored me, didn’t give a damn
Then as Marie got fatter I heard Jim say one night
“She’ll have to go, it’s to risky” which gave me quite a fright

For days I lived in fear and dread of what lay in store for me
Until one evening a man arrived and asked “She is a pedigree?”
They simply put the lead on me, I stared at them askance
Took some money off the horrid man without a backward glance.

Into a van I clambered, no blankets, rugs or straw
House later we stopped driving and I hated what I saw
A kennel just like Colditz, with dozens of dogs like me
One grey lady shed a tear, looked as miserable as could be

“This’ll be quite handy” said the man “It’s shortly due in season”
My heart sunk as I realised that my potential was the reason.
A dam, dark kennel was my prison, scraps they used for feeding
Then one day I panicked as I noticed I was bleeding.

The man arrived with smiling face “That’s good she’ll soon be ready”
The next I knew a stud arrived “Grab her! Hold her steady!
No finesses, just pain and more, his actions were quite lewd
This maiden fair had lost her name, she was to be a “brood”

That was three years past, with every season a new litter
Old before my time am I, and feeling very bitter.
Since that first rape my issue has numbered fifty four
Sold off cheap to anyone with cash who walked through his front door

It would be nice to contemplate a happy ending to my plight
But dreaming of my puppyhood is all that helps me sleep at night
When my breeding days are past, and I no longer pay
I will greet, with thanks, the vet who will help me on my way.


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