Crufts, or Scrufts  Your choice!

Crufts, a champions show, full of pomp and glamour,
Dogs fluffed and powdered, groomed and preened,
With toys to buy and products to pamper.

Which breed to choose, there’s so much choice, you need to know which one,
What Size, what shape, long hair or short,
Can you see the dad and the mum.

But what of all the “little mistakes“, the hundreds of unwanted strays,
The mixes of this, and bits of that,
Left in the shelters each day.

Even pedigrees find their way there,  puppies eyes always look sad,
But the kids soon loose interest, mum and dad don’t have time,
So its the dog that is often labelled  bad.

So whether a pedigree or just  a mutt, a  rescue dog is a good choice,
He’ll love you and repay you for taking him home,
For now you will become his voice.

By telling your friends where he came from, and how much he means to you,
And that a rescue dog is a special dog,
A life long companion who is true!

Vivien Eales March 2012

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