A number of boarding kennels are now fitting camera’s to enable owners to look at their pets at the boarding kennels from their computers whilst they are on holiday. This means it matters not where they travel in the world they are able to view their pets and get reports every hour.Bokhara Pet Care in Michigan has set up camera’s, to enable clients to watch their dogs, the picture is updated every 20 seconds, along with information on how the dog is doing. According to Bokhara clients love the service and are prepared to pay extra. Apart from seeing a picture a report as below is
publishedPrince. Dates Comments 6/26/99 to 6/29/99 As for Prince, he enjoyed his Nature Walk time yesterday afternoon. Thyrozine was given to Prince this morning. This morning, Prince enjoyed his entree of Science Diet Light.
Cyber-Pet Visual Boarding System is at http://www.bokhara.com I am aware from Jason at Mercury Internet that he is happy to fit such a system, not only for boarding kennels but also for day care facilities for children or the elderly and also in your home to enable you to keep an eye on the baby sitter. Details from Mercury at 95 2837575

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