DAP Pheromone Treatment

This treatment helps stop or prevent fear and stress related signs in puppies and adult dogs, such as;
House soiling
Excessive licking
Separation Anxiety

DAP comforts dogs and cats in stressful environments like visitors, strangers, vet visits, novel  and unpredictable situations.
DAP helps establish the puppy in a new environment, e.g. re homing, moving house and coping with strangers.

For dogs and cats, stress is something that is experienced but seldom expressed in a way that owners recognise or understand. Many dogs and cats suffer anxiety in silence, but thanks to new research into the power of doggy  and catty ‘smells’, a technique known as Pheromonatherapy looks to hold the key to keeping our dogs and cats calm.

Maybe, no more barking, destruction, excessive vocalization, house soiling, hyper-attachment syndrome,  causing problems at home by being destructive,calming puppies and young dogs. DAP Pheromone can help more dogs overcome anxiety naturally.
Dog Appeasing Pheromone

Scents and security.
The sense of smell is vitally important to dogs and cats. Smells are a form of communication, a way to mark territory and a method of tracking down friends and enemies. Recent scientific studies have shown how important a canine and feline’s own naturally-produced scents, or pheromones, can be in helping the animal to stay calm in a crisis. Released into the atmosphere from a dispenser , pheromones are the key to how dogs and cats behave in their environment.

Pioneering discovery.
French scientists were the first to identify this particular pheromone which is found in all lactating mammals, between three and five days after giving birth. Produced by the mammary glands, it is passed from the mother to her offspring and conveys constant reassurance: it is natures ultimate feeling of security and anti-anxiety.

Taking this information, the French team went on to produce a synthetic version of this natural feel-good pheromone. This was launched in the UK earlier this year as a dog-appeasing pheromone – DAP – diffuser. For the past couple of years, University of Lincoln vets and welfare group, have been working with the dog-appeasing pheromone to assess it’s value in the treatment of stressed and troubled dogs and cats. “For the first time we have the opportunity to recognise and understand how dogs and cats produce their own natural calm, and how that can be enhanced when they are faced with undue amounts of stress,” says Professor Daniel. “The kind of stress that is often inadvertently put on them by living with humans.”  “By identifying the pheromone and replicating the feeling of well-being that is passed on from a mother to her puppies, we can help more dogs and cats overcome anxiety naturally.”

I have stock of this electronic dispenser which is similar to an electric insect plug in the wall.  You simply plug in the unit where the dog or cat spend  most of the day and the release of a chemical hormone  will calm your pet. This has no smell and no side effects.

“By introducing a familiar ‘signal’ like the appeasing pheromone,  dogs and cats feel less anxious. This is why it is so useful in cases of separation anxiety, because the presence of the pheromone makes a animals feel more confident about what is happening when he is left alone.”

This particular pheromone is proving very effective in alleviating stress-related signs in puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats. Vet Sarah Heath, who through her behavioural referrals clinic success stories, says: “I have used it to help overcome a wide range of anxiety-based problems in dogs and cats. Many of them are separation related, such as destructive behaviour and excessive barking when the owner is absent, and general attention seeking tactics. “Pheromonatherapy is also very effective in counteracting a puppy’s insecurity in a new home, or reassuring the dog that is anxious to go into kennel accommodation or whose home is invaded by a ‘strange’ dog or person. It is very rewarding to see it work in cases of compulsive disorders, such as excessive licking, and phobias such as noise tolerance. It really is quite amazing!”

For owners who find they are constantly refereeing the effects of underlying tension between dogs ( fighting) in the same household, pheromonatherapy can reduce the tension and encourage canine harmony. As Sarah explains: “In many instances where there are problems between dogs sharing the same space, anxiety and uncertainty are major factors. And where this is the case, the use of the appeasing pheromone in the home helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Of course the synthetic pheromone cannot be used outside so how can it help the dog afraid of going for walks? “It is important that dogs who fear some aspect of the world beyond their front door are exposed to the appeasing pheromone in the house. That way their anxiety level is already lowered by the time they reach the outdoors, “The same principle applies to other potentially stressful environments such as vet’s surgery: If we can encourage vets to use the diffuser in the consulting room the dog will feel more relaxed during his examination. That’s less stressful for the owner as well as the dog.”

Anyone who would like more information or to try one of the DAP Pheromone Unit should make contact with me.

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