Dear Breeder,
I brought your puppy home today. He’s tan and he’s fuzzy and he smells good,
like a puppy. The boys loved him, pestered him so much I had to make them let
him rest. They’ve named him Buddy, even though I told them his long, fancy,
pedigree name.

We stopped by the vets on the way home, just like you said we should and then
by the pet shop to get that food you said he should eat. We’ve got Buddy’s
basket next to John’s bed, he’s the oldest and so Buddy will be his
responsibility; with my help, of course.

We puppy proofed the house, again, this afternoon. Buddy has toys to chew, a
new collar, a new leash and special food bowls. I signed  up for that social
class you recommended,with David the Dogman all positive reinforcement!

We love him very much and he seems to like us too, we’re following all your
instructions and promise to take good care of your baby. I’ll send you the
pictures as soon as we get them back.

Just a couple of quick questions, you know how new “Mums” worry, so I’d like to
After Bud grows up if his hips hurt him, will you explain to my boys why they
can’t take him for walks?
If his elbows hurt when he goes up the stairs will you comfort him when he
can’t sleep next to John anymore?
If he goes blind will you teach the boys to play carefully with him so no one
gets hurt?
If he pees on the floor every time we get home will you convince my husband
that he still has to be an inside dog?
If he growls at other children will you help when we try to take Buddy to
school for Pet Day?
If his heart should skip one beat too many when he’s only 3 years old and we
lose him before his time can you bring him back?

Dear Breeder, we already love Buddy so much and I know how hard you’ve worked
to produce “sound”, “typy” dogs. Did you do all you could? Was there some
little thing that you decided just wasn’t necessary to check? You see our
future happiness depends on how carefully you did this breeding because Buddy
is not just a dog, he’s part of our family now.

Buddy’s New Mummy

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