After the loss of a dog, you may question whether the time is right or
whether your family is emotionally ready to bring home another dog. Consider
several factors before making your decision.

How do we make the decision to bring another dog into our lives?
Before deciding to get a new dog, sit down and discuss it with all the
members of your family. Some may really want a new dog; others may feel it’s not
the right time. Respect everyone’s opinion and feelings. Discuss what you’re
feeling and why you’re considering a new pet. Open communication gives you an
idea of how your family will handle the change.

Most veterinarians suggest you hold off getting a new pet if any family member
feels they’re not ready for that step. Grieving is a different process for each

How should we prepare for a new dog?
If your family is in agreement about a new dog, prepare ahead of time for
the change. Start by buying new supplies for this dog. You send a clear message
to yourself and the family you’re not trying to replace a beloved lost dog.

Let all family members take part in choosing the new dog. This process helps
prepare them for the change. Even young family members will feel grief about the
lost dog, so it’s helpful for them to be involved.

How should we deal with anger over our loss?
It’s important you discuss how to handle the anger about the situation. Make
it clear that this anger can’t be taken out on the new dog. Unfortunately, this
situation occurs, especially with children, so be aware of it.

Losing a pet is a heart-wrenching situation. A new pet may be the first step in
healing from that loss. Before you make that decision, think things through
thoroughly. Make sure your family is ready to offer this new dog all the love
and attention he’ll need and deserve.

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