MINIATURE poodles are the longest living dogs in Britain – surviving for an average of 14.8 years, says a survey.
Miniature dachshunds are next (14.4 years), then whippets (14.3 years).
Beagles, Bedlingtons, Cairn Terriers, Border Collies, Mongrels, Greyhounds, Jack Russells, Pekinese and Shetland sheepdogs average 13-plus years.

Did you know that dogs are trained to:

1. Lead the Blind
2. Work with the gun
3. Carry work for disabled
4. Work for the police
5. Work with the Fire Service
6. Search for scent on water (for drugs and/or bodies)
7. Detect Gas leaks
8. Passive drug search
9. Perform Air Sea and Rescue work
10. Work with sheep
11. Search for explosives and firearms
12. Search for missing persons
13. Shop for the disabled
14. Perform avalanche rescue work.
15. Perform various types of military training
16. Perform Customs work…seeking out illegal food (in the US).

There are also dogs trained to search for the signs of dry rot in buildings.

Dogs are also trained to detect pregnancy, cancer cells, dry rot, sleep apnea, epilepsy, low or high blood sugar, prevent stereotypical behaviors in people with Autism, get people with Parkinsons walking again when they lock up, stabilize people who are prone to either flashbacks or panic attacks from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and prevent self-mutilation bouts in psychiatric patients.

In Brisbane, one bug exterminator company uses dogs to detect termite infestations in houses. Dogs can also detect micro traces of any one of 19,000 explosives odors and alert to their presence.

Dear reader, whatever field of expertise you are in, be it house wife or rocket scientist…I’m sure you would agree that if you took someone without training and put them into your job they would be near hopeless.
When you get a dog, you enter into an obligation to learn about that animaland to learn how to train it. Dogs learn about life as they go, but they need formal teaching to become useful members of our families. A dog neglected is like a child neglected, they will put their intellect to destructive uses if we do not give them a proper frame work to learn within. What excuse do you have not to train him? Your only possible excuse is that you do not know how to. And that excuse is totally within your control….its not the fault of your “dumb dog”, its your responsibility, a responsibility you purchased along with your dog. If I ever hear a dog owner say their dog is untrainable……. I know which of the two is lacking in ability… and it’s not the dog.

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