Did you know!

One in every three families in the USA own a dog and that one in six families own a dog in the UK. In Spain it is estimated that one in every seven families own a dog and in France one is six families. It is believed the same number applies to cats.

There are a total of 400 breeds of dogs registered in the USA, however only 288 breeds of dogs and 66 breeds of cats  registered in the UK.

Half of the dogs and cats born will never reach the age of two years. They either die from illness, or are put down due to the fact that they have grown too big, out of fashion, or display unwanted behaviour by being destructive or aggressive. I have to add that all animals can be trained not to display unwanted behaviour!

Dogs are able to see the world through their nose as we can with our eyes. The dogs eyes are unimportant, the dog relies on smell not sight. Dogs must be able to scent for their prey. The dogs nose is two million times more active than the human nose, that gives us something to think about!

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