Do Dogs Reason?

All training should be based on the assumption that the dog does not reason and that he learns by association of ideas.

For training purpose we try to create associations we want by reward.

Reward: this can be applied in many ways depending on the individual animal and what has to be done. Although food is condemned by some, if applied correctly it can be used, however, most dogs like to be fussed, petted and talked to in a friendly voice. Anything that a dog likes can be used as a reward. The end product is entirely dependent upon  reward, a dogs instinct plays a vital role.

The average dog owner does not have the haziest idea of the instincts inherent in the dog that he owns. Canine instincts vary in strength between different breeds and individuals of the same bred. All this can be explained by your trainer at question time.

Within the family household it is common to find that a dog will link up with some members of the family but not others. A bully who rules by force may obtain implicit obedience, but at the loss of friendship and or affection often bordering on cruelty. Most dog owners will never know or have any idea of the pleasure they are loosing in not having a dog which is a faithful companion and partner.

Dogs are not almost human and suffering can be caused by people who think they are. Human and Canine social habits have many similarities.
A dog will accept a human as a substitute for a canine and this willingness to accept a human makes him easier to train than most other animals.

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