Dog Tips
If your dog gets badly hurt and injured you should rub firmly the very tip of his tail (the bone part), the rubbing will release endorphins which act like a morphine injection and will give your dog some relief of pain until you can get him to the vets or other area with medical assistance.  Cover his eyes and ears at the same time as you transport him and this will settle all his senses and will also help give him relief 

Watch when two dogs meet.  They shake hands in their own way just as we do.  While we use the touch system by shaking the other person’s hand, the dog uses his olfactory system by scenting the other dog out, particularly in the nether regions.  This form of communication between two or more dogs is total and they are getting every piece of information they require from that dog, by what they smell.  Is it a bitch, is it an entire dog, has the dog been neutered.  All will be told in this initial meet and greet. It will also watch for Calming Signals (another issue) of great importance which can be covered at some other time.

Watch your dog sniff around before it goes to the toilet.  Is it looking for a good spot to go?  Is it making enquiries as to who else has used this area as a toilet? Why do many dogs scratch the ground after going to the toilet?  Are they spreading their scent further around?  Are they marking territory?  I’ve been here, I own this spot”.  If they want to claim a particular area, they will most likely spread their urine over the top of any existing urine in the area.  They could be declaring to all and sundry  -this is mine.  I am bigger and stronger than you who have been here before me.  Don’t challenge me.

The urine of a bitch in heat is much stronger in scent than normal.  This tells the experienced male that she is in a good place for him. If the dog has never had anything to do with other dogs (the domestic pet which is kept inside), it may not have learnt what this additional smell means.  It is difficult for us as humans to really grasp how strong this smell of the bitch is to the dog especially if it is still entire.  We, the human, are so bad at using our olfactory systems.

The bitch in season which is allowed to wander creates absolute chaos in the dog world.  Dogs have been known to jump fences, break out of gardens, cars etc., and do considerable damage to their places of usual confinement even to the extent of throwing themselves through a plate glass window; such is the power of smell.  Male dogs do tend to urinate more frequently than bitches.  This not really a necessity within the dog, it is usually a dominance, perhaps territorial function it develops when allowed.  I would always teach my pupils that it may be a good idea to teach it to go to the toilet on command, rather than just anytime it pleases. All working dogs are trained to go on command it would not be good for a working dog to just go to mark territory it doesn’t really own.  I am sure your trainer will give you help on this.

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