Over the past years  I have been amused at the type of treats owners bring to my schools. Many have meat; others carrots and most bring dry dog food. Dry food is a real ‘No No’ simply because this expands in the stomach to around 150% and is not suitable.

I am of the opinion that a treat must be a treat, something the dog really wants, and at the same time can be offered to the dog quickly. It is vital that the timing of a treat is correct. If the treat is too late then the dog will not learn.

So what is a treat? It must be something the dog wants and will work for. Always keep in mind that dogs do not have the same type of taste buds as humans. It has to smell right! If your dog is a slow eater then a clue is that the smell is not quite right and if this is dry food it will not work as a ‘Treat’

Most of the dog industry use Liver Tablets these are small and can be carried easily and certainly work for most dogs. If you watch dog shows always keep an eye on the handler’s left hand, most have liver treats so that the dog knows and certainly works harder.

Always give your dog a treat when he comes back to you. After the treat let him go and play. Recall and treat again and again. You will amazed that suddenly your dog comes to you when you call him. If you want to end the walk never capture the dog on the first recall, he has to trust you.

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