Many families will attend holiday fireworks shows this summer, but if you’re thinking of taking your dog to watch the skies light up, think again. Fireworks and pets don’t mix,

If left out in gardens, pets frightened by exploding fireworks can get loose and end up lost, being hit by cars or injuring themselves trying to get away from the loud noises.


1. Don’t take pets places where there may be fireworks.

2. Never light fireworks near your pets.

3. Make sure all of your gates and fences are secure, and make sure your pets are equipped with identification and properly fitted collars (a collar fits when you can slip only two fingers under it).

4. Have a current, good-quality photo of your pet handy for use on “lost pet” adverts  and  fliers if the pet gets loose.

5. Keep pets indoors, if possible, with curtains shut or windows covered. Playing a radio or TV will help muffle the noises of the fireworks outside.

6. Give your pet a blanket or bedding to burrow under so he can feel safe.

If your pet is particularly sensitive to loud noises, check with your veterinarian to see if tranquilizers can be prescribed to calm him down.  Bachs Rescue Remedy is excellent available from most Pharmacy’s, 5 drops on the tongue three times a day has a calming effect.

Exploding fireworks aren’t the only summertime sounds that can rattle our animal friends. Thunderstorms also are a source of anxiety to many cats and dogs. “Their senses are so much more sensitive than ours. The sounds like thunderstorms and fireworks seem loud to us, but they’re frightening to a pet.”

When the weather gets stormy, bring your pets inside. Keeping them in a confined space such as a bathroom or laundry room — the smaller the better — will make them feel more secure, as will a few of their favourite toys or a rawhide chewy bone.

In Southern Spain which has a subtropics climate,ny event I do not recommend  any dog should sleep out.Where there is a danger with the Mosquito and the constant fear of Leishmaniois  of which half the dogs will get in Southern Spain, it is like aids.

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