The date is December the 25th,
A gorgeous sunny-day.
It makes me want to romp around,
But I’m too tired to play.
I have not eaten for a while,
I think it has been a week.
My only source of water,
Has been a sewage leak.
I lie herein a cardboard box,
And I feel quite alone.
I’m trying to stand up on my feet,
But all I can do is moan.
Won’t someone come and rescue me,
Before my time is up?
Who wouldn’t want to help a dog,
A precious little pup?
I want to yell and cry for help,
I want to get away.
My place is in a loving home,
With children with which I’d play.
I should be chasing tennis balls,
And licking children’s faces.
Running circles in the yard,
Even sometimes winning races.
This is not where I should be,
By the road under a bridge.
Where there is no one I can find,
No mother nor father nor kid.
So is this box my final fate,
My only destiny?
What terrible thing did I ever do,
To make things end this way?
I know now my time has come,
on this beautiful winter day.
I will fall into eternal sleep,
and my sufferings will float away.
During my last day on this earth,
To my future owner I say,
“Catch up to you in heaven,
And have a Merry Christmas Day.”

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