Flea treatments.
Latest research through a U.K. Canine Health Census has shown that some chemical flea treatments are dangerous.

They include shampoos with chemicals which can cause cancer, sprays which attack the central nervous system and flea collars that children must not touch but which pets can have around their necks for up to four months.

If your dog has a flea problem then Catherine O,Driscoll of the Canine health Census recommends that you first try to give your pet a complete vitamin and mineral supplement. Fleas do not like certain vitamins and minerals, so they act as an effective natural repellent. If fleas are causing a big problem a homeopathic vet should be consulted, as this could be could be an indication of hypersensitivity caused by vaccines.
For more information contact Catherine O,Driscoll  Canine Health Census, email CODriscll@aol.com

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