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Nazli our Vet Pointer Clinic Estepona Celia Haddon small animal expert.

Our guests:-


Val Bonnie (Brisbane)

Bonnies Dog Obedience has been providing dog obedience training in Brisbane, Australia and Internationally for over 38 years:

Bonnies is run and managed by Bruce and Val Bonney. Val is the acclaimed international Author of "Who’s the Boss?" "Are you still the Boss?" and her NEW BOOK "Hey Baby – Who’s the boss?" a must read for every new mum and dad – it could save your sanity. (All are available from this site) Safety for babies & Toddlers, and security for all dogs.

Bonnie’s dog obedience has trained thousands of dogs to live in total harmony with their human families all over the world. Joy and happiness has followed the training for all concerned.


Marc Abraham, or ‘Marc the Vet’ as he is more commonly known, is a practicing veterinary surgeon, author, and animal welfare campaigner based in Brighton, England.

As well as employing his veterinary skills both here and abroad, current Daily Mirror/RSPCA ‘Vet of the Year’ Marc also campaigns for numerous animal welfare issues including microchipping, rescue pet adoption, responsible breeding, and against puppy farming. In 2009 he set up PupAid, a national puppy farming awareness campaign that involves an annual fun dog show in London as well as being responsible for the biggest pet welfare petition of all time, part of his relentless lobbying of MPs in Westminster to positively influence laws affecting our nation’s pets.


David Ryan was a police dog handler and instructor for twenty-six years. He cut his teeth on dogs that bite and fight, teaching them how to moderate and direct aggression proportionately.

David is currently a lecturer on Newcastle University’s MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, providing him with strong links to those conducting the most up-to-date research into canine behaviour.

There are many versed in practical dog training and there are some academics versed in the theory of canine behaviour, but very few people have combined practical training skills with a high level of academic study in the way that David has. This makes him uniquely placed to understand all aspects of canine behaviour and training.


This is going to be a good show not to be missed

Hosted by David the Dogman

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