Many people ask  ‘Why do dogs eat grass?’ when asked the question I smile thinking of my good friend  “Dr.Rainer Horning”  a  leading vet who has a surgery in Coin.

Many years ago we met by arguing about why dogs eat grass. I learned so much from him, thank you Rainer. I hope soon we will be able to have a radio show again. Rainer and I used to do a Sunday morning radio show bringing listeners up to date with the latest on pets and answering questions and problems.

Dogs do not necessarily eat grass because they are sick or have worms. It is normal for dogs to eat grass in very small amounts. Their ancestors ate grass. Grass foliage contains folic acid and it has been proved that cats eat it because of a lack of a vitamin supplement in a mainly meat diet. Maybe the same applies to dogs who could also be seeking roughage. Some dogs may eat too much fresh grass and cannot digest it.

Because large quantities act as an irritant, the dog throws up. This leads owners to think the dog ate the grass to induce vomiting.

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