Grooming is an important part of dog and cat ownership which should be started as soon as possible. When dog meets dog they always sniff around the anal area this gives an indication as to the state and type of nature the animal has. The anal gland is an active organ giving out an odor we cannot smell thank God. This is found mostly in nervous dogs who do not use the gland hence they need squeezing to take out the liquid. A dominant dog rarely needs the gland squeezed since he is using this most of the time to warn other dogs, this comes under the heading of a dominant type dog, all messages come from the anal gland. Many owners do not like squeezing the anal gland and normally the vet or groomer takes care of this.

I have covered the anal glands other than from a dog groomers point of view, only somebody trained to empty them should carry this out. Any dog suffering with a problem should be advised to report direct to a vet. inpacted anal glands are not only very painful but if left can result in a serious infection which in turn can end up life threatening.  if you worm your dog regularly and your dog is rubbing his bum along the floor thats is a sign of full anal glands.

Breeds that need grooming will benefit from being groomed by a professional groomer who should be fully trained to check anal glands, clean and pluck ears, trim toenails and any problems should be reported to the owner in detail. Professionals keep an eye on all the dogs bod, checking the dogs teeth and gums, lumps and bumps….and report everything to the owners most keep a note of everything.

Breeds that shold be groomed, are Yorkies, Westies, Poodles, Shitzues and many more need to be kept fur free in certain areas to avoid problems areas like the pads, around mouth,eyes,ears and private areas should be kept short for health reasons and NO its not normal for dogs to have hair growing from inside their ears and around their privates, look at natures dogs and you will find most have shorter hair inside their ears, around their mouths, paws and privates. If you buy a breed which you know will need grooming you should expect to do so at least every 6/8weeks..HOWEVER long haired wolf type breeds also benefit greatly from having their under coat stripped out twice a year especially in theses hotter countries BUT please do not get these types of dogs shaved, unless you are willing to get it done every 3 months, shaving these types of coats, damages the fur and it will grow back fluffy and thicker, so in the long run it gets worse.

A good groomer will tell you about the types of fur trimming and style which will also include cleaning the ears and in some breeds the hair in the bottom of the ear and trim nails. I do not recommend that owners trim the nails of their pets this should be done by a professional to avoid accidents and a lot of blood loss. More information can be obtained free from Joanna at

Grooming & care in hot weather

I recently invited Joanna from Joanna Grooming Parlour in  Alhurin on my Radio Show, she has 20 years of vast hands of knowledge on Grooming.

I asked Joanna to assist me with this article and she immediately said that she (and I) feel the most important advice is to warn pet owners that dogs paws on most kinds of floors that have been in direct sun light can quickly burn the pads, this includes pavements and the beach. Dogs with burned paws will lick their paws often causing a secondary infection, she recommends pure coco butter rubbed into the pads, this helps to keep the pad in good condition and prevent cracking. Pet owners should be aware that a dogs feet, like humans are to be well looked after as like us soar feet can affect walking causing joint problems in the long term. Only a small amount of coco butter should be used making sure not too much goes on to the paws, coco butter is totally safe for your dog to lick.

At this time of year Joanna see’s many dogs with fungal infections in between the pads, the main signs to look out for is constant licking of the paws getting quite smelly. Fungal infections are very common here in Spain and they love dark damp places, your dogs paws being the perfect breeding ground. Check your dogs fur in between the pads they must be kept clean and dry. Long haired dogs it is best to ask your groomer to remove as much fur as possible from in between the pads. It is common that there will be smelly matts in the paw fur which is often caused by small pebbles, grass seeds, chewing gum etc all of which can affect your dogs walking. Keep your dogs pads as clean as possible, free of fur and deal with paw licking immediately. If in doubt contact your vet.

BATHING is an ideal way to keep your dog cool during the summer months, you can  spray your dog with a light mist of water or if you do choose to bath and shampoo your dog regularly then you should use a dog shampoo with a ph balance suitable for regular washing. Joanna recommends pure Aloa Vera shampoo for dogs  this will not only clean

So now you have this from and expert  if you need further information free of charge then call Joanna on 661152451 who also has a beautiful littler of Pedigree French Bull Dogs, yes you can see Mum and Dad she often has  rescue Frenchies for adoption, website


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