Husky horror
A three year old girl Maddison needed 80 stitches after she was set upon when she went to stroke the family pet just before she was taken to bed.

The husky called Zeus jumped forward and bit the toddler on the cheek. Maddison was taken to hospital where she underwent a two hour operation. The stepfather refuses to have the dog put down stating ‘ Zeus is like a child to me and there is no point’.

More than 200,000 people a year are estimated to be bitten by dogs in England, with the annual cost to the NHS of treating injuries about £3 million. More than 6400 people a year are admitted to hospital in the UK for micro-surgery to life changing injuries caused by dogs.  One in six of these victims are under ten.  Half the children in the world are bitten by a dog before the age of twelve.  These figures are recorded statistics, but what about the injuries which are not recorded? 

Anyone who has a dog irrespective of breed and however well behaved should never trust a child or dog without supervision. From my research I have found that more often a child will play with a dog, pulling the tail, ear, leg or pinching, poking fingers in the dogs eyes or down the dogs ear many generally are found to teasing the animal. All dogs need space and I emphasise breed has no importance.

In my opinion for complete safety no dog irrespective of size or breed should ever be allowed in bedrooms and certainly never on or in a bed. All toys should be lifted from the floor when the dog is not playing or chewing them often a child will go near ‘his’ toy.

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