Not really – Feeding your dog “people food” in the form of table  scraps and such is generally a bad idea. On the one hand, you’re  encouraging your dog to make a pest of itself at the dinner table. On the  other hand, feeding a dog table scraps adds unneeded calories to its diet  causing Fido to become overweight. And on the other hand, if your dog  develops the habit of gulping down any food it gets its snout on, it  could seriously poison or distress itself someday.

    In general you shouldn’t feed the dog anything but dog food and dog  treats. You might add vegetable oil  to the food to improve its coat and  there are other foods that you may want to add to improve its diet  (vegetables, rice, oatmeal, etc. – check with your vet for appropriate  food to meet the dietary need you want to address), but always feed them  to the dog in its dish, never from your plate or from your hand while eating.

    You can discourage your dog from begging at the table by tying or  crating it nearby (so that they don’t feel isolated from the social  activity) but out of reach of the table. Then, after you finish eating,  feed the dog. Tell your dog “no” when they go for anything edible on the  floor, and praise it when it obeys you. By doing this consistently you’re  teaching Fido that the only food it should take should be from its dish  or someone’s hand.

I personally recommend only a good quality dried food fed twice a day. I have found that dogs fed on human food are either hyperactive or under active.

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