In all of the confusion of moving to a new home, don’t forget to prepare your dog for the move. Most dogs adapt quickly to their new surroundings with
little or no difficulty.

What should I do before the move?

Ask your vet for a referral in your new location. Make sure both veterinarian’s numbers are handy during the move.

Arrange for your dog to be cared for at an alternate location during the move.
This reduces the risk of your dog getting out or being injured while the movers are working.

Pack things you’ll need for your dog in an accessible and well-marked box. This includes dog food, dishes, any prescriptions or other medications your dog requires and a favorite bed or blanket. Be careful to pack all of your dog’s toys so you don’t end up losing a favorite in the move.

What will my dog need during a long trip?
If you’re making a long distance move, pack a kit for your pet’s care during transit. Include the following in the kit:

Bottled water from the old house. (Your pet may experience an upset stomach from a sudden change in water) try to take 10 litres and mix with new water)

Sufficient food for the trip

Utensils for preparing meals

Familiar bed or blanket for sleeping

Grooming tools (brush, comb, Q-tips, cotton, etc.)

Clean-up items (paper towels, small shovel, plastic bags, etc.)

Collar with ID tags and leash

If you’re staying overnight, arrange for pet-friendly accommodations. Your vet may have a food manufactures list of hostels and hotels that take pets.

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