I have discovered that when it comes to feeding dogs that many owners are blinded by myths and misconceptions. Many owners insist that their dogs are practically human and so should get along fine on the same food that the rest of the family is eating. The irony here, of course, is that most human meals are not all that nourishing. What may be healthy enough and appropriate for humans may be not be suitable for a dog or cat.

I can understand that many owners will not give their dogs and cats conventional pet food. For those who are looking for a healthy diet I offer the following diet, which is on the basis that I have witnessed sick dogs that have been on steroids and strong drugs scratching and licking themselves, failing to put on weight that have completely changed after a few weeks on this diet.

The food has to be naturally fresh, but for food to be fresh and alive it must not be sterile and neutral in biological form. The food must not have any chemical contamination or additives.

The first rule of this diet is that no food can be cooked in a microwave. Bear in mind that dogs and cats are hunters and need fresh food, and it should be varied and always balanced. Meat and fish should be served raw but vegetables and cereals should be cooked lightly.

Exercise your pet every day and only give this diet once a day preferably after exercise in the morning. Cats may have two meals a day.


Cook for 2 minutes in boiled water 3 to 4 vegetables (6/800 grams) with brown rice, or oats, pasta cereals, whole wheat bread. Raw meat or fish approx. 200 grams of beef, stomach, heart, jaw chuck (The least expensive meat) Give only horse meat if the dog is to have long periods of exercise and training. Chicken: Heart, stomach, no liver or kidneys. Never give your pet pork or pork products.

Every seventh day no meat or fish, only vegetables with cereals.

Include every day two tablespoons of one of the following: – olive oil, wheatgerm, cod liver oil, brewers yeast, seaweed, honey (always natural).

Never give your dog any snacks of sugar, sweets, and chocolates. Raw fruit or vegetables, raw cereals, nuts (not processed or roasted) avocado, olive, carrot, apple etc.

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