Puppies from Garden Centre’s, Pet shops and markets

During the past few years I have encountered so many young dogs with various health problems, all have been obtained from garden centres. I am aware of a few vets in the San Pedro area who are not happy about puppies which have been brought to them all have been purchased at extreme high prices from Garden Centres.

Only the other night my wife and I were in a garden centre and heard a terrible screaming noise from the area where the puppies are kept. A young Beagle pup of around 12 weeks of age was on top of a younger Poodle Puppy who was about 6 weeks of age and  savaging it by the neck . Apart from us many people were horrified and a number of people including my wife ran to the Management to report  what was going on.

Fortunately most of those complaining were Spanish and this resulted in the puppy being removed to another pen. The member of staff proported to know about dogs until I presented my card showing I was a professional dog trainer and behaviourist.

What I find appalling about this type of mixing puppies without knowledge is that in this particular case the puppy could now be ruined for life and turn out to be a very nervous animal, which will give the new owner a lot of problems.

I have written many articles over the years about pet shops and garden centres and cannot over emphasize the importance of not buying over priced animals most of whom will have either medical or behavioural problems.

Many dogs for sale in pet shops and  offered in street markets by local charities become ill after a few days often with Parvo and or Distemper. Both diseases are serious therefore I urge you to get a Veterinary certificate of health before taking a dog from either of these sources.
Many people are unaware of Parvo and Distemper, so what is Parvo and Distemper?

Parvo is a disease that causes severe tummy upset so you will have a dog that develops diarrhea but it quickly becomes very serious they will often pass a lot of blood and become dehydrated they often will also vomit and can’t hold any food or fluids down. There are a number of different strains
some more virulent that others but the problem is that if these dogs are not supported very quickly with fluids usually by drips then the outlook is very bleak. Often owners arrive at the vets when the dogs are virtually collapsed

I remember one night spending ages with the vet trying to get a needle into a vein only to watch the dog literally die in front of us. In severe forms they can be dead within 24 hours and often the recovery is slow and can leave them with other permanent health problems the most common of which is a permanent heart problem. They have a characteristic smell once smelt you’ll never forget it.

Distemper is a more peculiar disease. It starts off with a characteristic temperature spike and perhaps a few
days with the dog off colour. That might be the end however they can also develop a greeny discharge from the eyes and nose. This  is classic if  nursed carefully and with specific antibiotics very often this is all it comes to.
In a  proportion of cases the dogs go on to develop secondary problems  this can be six weeks later. Sometimes even more the problem is that on occasion owners never even took the dog to the vet for the first problems and then go to the vet  with a dog that’s got odd symptoms blue eyes or muscle paralysis or seizures or chorea .

All cases that I have seen  that got to this stage the dogs were eventually put to sleep as things became too severe.

If your dogs are vaccinated you are not going to have a problem with either Parvo or Distemper, unless you dog is immune compromised.

Again I urge you not to buy puppies from garden centres, pet shops, or street markets. Always insist on seeing the mother.
Finally I advise you to always have a chat with your local vet he is aware of many female dogs waiting to wean puppies.

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