Pups bought on the Internet

More people are buying pups on line or through pet shops and sadly paying the price.

Many puppies bought from these outlets which are often used by puppy farmers, require long term veterinary treatment or die before reaching six months.

Research carried out by the UK Kennel Club found that one in three people may have bought their pup from a puppy farm after sourcing the animal through the internet, social media, pet shops, or newspaper adverts. This has increased from one in five last year.

The research found that one-third of puppies bought from one of these outlets failed to experience overall good health; almost one in five puppies bought via the social media or the internet died before six months of age; and 12 per cent of pups bought online or on social media ended up with serious health problems.

Meanwhile, 94 per cent of puppies bought direct from a breeder were reported as having good overall health.

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