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Radio Pet Show 19th November 2016


RADIO LINK www.talkradioeurope.com/clients/dogman161119.mp3


The team.

Nazli our vet Pointer Clinic Estepona http://pointerclinic.com/

Celia Haddon small animal expert in behaviour. http://www.catexpert.co.uk/

Hosted by David the Dogman who has over 60 years’ experience in the Canine world www.thedogman.net


David mentions a dog fight re two Staffordshire dogs acting in a dangerous manner.


Celia advised that there are people that do not like cats and how to handle this matter and gave some excellent tips.


Nazlie Spoke about bitches who are not spayed and infections and strongly recommends neutering.

No cat food for dogs the protein is too high and can cause problems in the kidneys.


Val Bonnie from Brisbane Australia does not believe in harnesses for initial training. Val spoke about pet insurance and spoke about her books Who’s the Boss, ‘Hey Baby’ all information www.bonnies.com.au


Nina Bondarenko explained how she trains dogs to detect diabetes               and other diseases. Smell is very important in all the training that is involved. Scent pads are used to detect diseases.


Enjoy the show


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