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The team Nazli our vet the owner of Pointer Clinic Estepona, Celia Haddon(UK) a small animal expert, Carolyn Menteith the top UK trainer as confirmed by Cruffts she is also a behaviourist.

David the Dogman hosted the show.


Carolyn’s main interest this week was to how to produce food more interesting and cheaply for dogs.

Celia emphasied no liver for cats it can kill them and gave tips on Ikea shelving for cats..

Nazli explained the 10 signs to look for explaining some animals were more prone to Cancer than others.


Our Guest Micky Gavin an expert in horse behaviour explained horse seperation anxiety.


An interesting show to enjoy.


Next week

Val Bonnie top behaviourist from Brisbon Australia and George Grayson one of the most respected men in the dog industry. Founder & Honoray member of the British Police Canine Services Association.



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