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Specialist in Canine Behaviour

Commitment Firmness but Kindness


Radio Pet Show 26th November 2016 starts 10.am thru 11.am EU time.

RADIO LINK    www.talkradioeurope.com/clients/dogman161126.mp3


The team.

Nazli our vet Pointer Clinic Estepona http://pointerclinic.com/

Celia Haddon small animal expert in behaviour. http://www.catexpert.co.uk/

Hosted by David the Dogman who has over 60 years’ experience in the Canine world www.thedogman.net


David opened the show explaining how to deal with dogs in bad weather & storms etc. and brought up the subject of encouraging muzzles.


Celia recommended that cats were not put out at night and to have litter trays inside and to fix a cat flap.


Nazlie informed us that in bad weather the indoor cat and dog are inclined to hold their urine. This can cause infection known as toxoplasmosis and also have an effect on the kidney.

Litter trays must be kept clean to avoid Toxoplasmosis always have clean food and water for the cat and always wear gloves when handling litter trays and water bowls.

Our Guest Mickey Gavin explained why horses should be mounted on the left side. Mickey claims a horse needs a companion. Many horses are nervous of puddles Mickey explains why.


Enjoy the show


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