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 The team.


Celia Haddon is a small animal expert in behaviour. http://www.catexpert.co.uk/

Celia gave us tips on rescue Cats and gave tips relating to fireworks. No chocolates for cats or dogs.


Celia explained if cats are worried they do not want to be petted.


  • Rona Brown was our Guest on the team. When Rona Brown was a zookeeper, she was asked to work at Pinewood Studios by Walt Disney himself and has been a top animal consultant for film ever since, working on movies such as Fierce Creatures and Gorillas in the Mist. "Walt Disney asked me to work with him at Pinewood Studios" - leading animal consultant Rona Brown talks to Filmclubbers

"Walt Disney asked me to work with him at Pinewood Studios" – leading animal consultant Rona Brown talks to our listeners

Ever wondered who trained the animals you see in films? Well there’s a good chance it was Rona Brown, who here gives comments about working with elephants, chimpanzees and spoke on the subject of stress and Trauma in animals Rona spoke about many subjects. We are delighted Rona makes herself available when one of the team cannot make it. Thank you Rona.

Mat Ford Marine Biologist for fresh water fish. It is a pleasure listening to him and again learning that Goldfish do not live long and one must never knock on the aquarium glass as we all do as it frightens the fish who incidentally recognise faces. Octopus is known to be the most intelligent animal..
Matt cannot be included every two weeks as this diverts him from his work but promises another visit to the studio or by phone. Well worth listening to Mat.


Sarah Fisher spoke about trauma in animals which makes animals trace back to past bad experiences. TTouch can be very   helpful. It has the same effect when humans get mugged have a bad experience which can change its personality. Sarah recommends that a dog should have its own MAT and this should be used for sleeping, tracking etc. This young lady makes compulsive listening. It is appreciated that Sarah always helps out when a guest is unwell so a big thanks Sarah.


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