Radio Pet Show 3rd December 2016



The team.

Nazli our vet Pointer Clinic Estepona

Carolyn Menteith expert Behaviourist and trainer.

Sarah Standing an expert on Llama’s, Donkey’s and Cats.


David opened the show and brought up the discussion about pet owner’s that could not afford to take their pet to a veterinary Clinic. Nazli commented that if an animal was in trouble most vets will help and arrange payment by instalment. Pet insurance by Protect A Pet was discussed and recommended in Spain. (34 965756371)


Sarah explained how she deals with bad weather and feeding and the importance of shelter. Sarah also mentioned that cats like to be warm and prefer to stay indoors.


Nazli  informed us of the importance of hygiene and keeping animals clean the importance of brushings and caring for the feet and skin.


Carolyn explained her articles in Your Dog Magazine on dancing dogs and the importance of basic training. Carolyn explained the importance of dogs looking at their owners ‘Look at me?  the need for treats when training and the importance for dogs to chew!

Enjoy the show




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