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Radio Pet Show  4th February 2016

Radio Link   www.talkradioeurope.com/clients/dogman170204.mp3




The team.


Nazli our vet Pointer Clinic Estepona  http://pointerclinic.com/



Celia Haddon small animal expert in behaviour. http://www.catexpert.co.uk/



Hosted by David the Dogman www.thedogman.net



 David opened the show to advise that new  pets laws in the UK do not allow puppies to be sold under 8 weeks. Breeders will have to be licensed.

And explained about the learning up to 8 weeks.


Celia  informed us that a cat laying on its back can be an invite to be friends, however sometimes it might turn aggressive.


Nazli  spoke about dental problems and how this can effect behaviour. Dogs that have gum or nerve problems will need attention many dogs need to have their teeth cleaned professionally.


David Ryan was a police dog handler and Home Office accredited instructor for twenty-six years. He was the first police dog instructor to be awarded Southampton University’s postgraduate diploma in companion animal behaviour counselling, with distinction. David spoke about the potential new laws and the danger of buying puppies on the internet. David also spoke about -Predatory Chasing-


Enjoy the show




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