This week the team Nazli Vet, Celia Feline Expert, Kenny the Birdman and David who interrupts!


Andy Cook runs Canine Partners

Their assistance dogs are trained to meet the needs of individuals with even the most complex physical disabilities. They currently help adults aged 18 and over (both civilians and former service personnel) who have a physical disability or condition that affects their daily life and limits their independence.

The canine partners undertake a specialist two-year training programme, which begins from selection at seven to eight weeks old. They spend 12 to 14 months in puppy training with a volunteer, followed by four months’ advanced training at one of our centres. At all stages training is fun and reward-based.


Lamia the founder from HouseSitMatch

There has long been a need for a house-sitting resource that offers an international network of house-sitters and homeowners with considerable insider knowledge of house-sitting, home care and maintenance, and pet care. HouseSit Match was born out of extensive competitor research and consultation in all these areas and by a couple of friends and their love of affordable travel!

How you benefit from HouseSit Match and the network

House-sitting is a growing global trend in a world where disposable income levels are not what they once were. We are all finding the need to be more frugal, cutting back where we can. House-sitting offers many real time benefits.

Lamia will be speaking to us about the pros and cons of having a semi pro house sit for you whilst you take a holiday or break. This seems to be the way forward in many countries.

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