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Radio Pet Show 1th February starts 10.am thru 11.am EU time.

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The team.

Nazli our vet Pointer Clinic Estepona http://pointerclinic.com/

Celia Haddon small animal expert in behaviour. http://www.catexpert.co.uk/

Hosted by David the Dogman


David spoke about taking pets on holiday explaining in Spain there were in excess of 2000 hotels from small to deluxe willing to take pets  charges from 2 to 20 Euros a day. Many do not make a charge.


Celia  Spoke about cats eyes what they can see, colour and mentioned ripple in the water.


Nazli chose this week to advise about teeth and teething irritation and much more.


Mic Martin of BBC Dog Borstal discussed a number of important training tips. Kennels and working with dogs for TV and film work.


Mickey Gavin a Horse Behaviourist answered a number of questions thrown at him by the team.

Enjoy the show


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