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Radio Pet Show 8th February 2017


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The team.


Nazli our vet Pointer Clinic Estepona  http://pointerclinic.com/



Celia Haddon small animal expert in behaviour. http://www.catexpert.co.uk/



Hosted by David the Dogman www.thedogman.net


David opened the show speaking about obese cats recommending dietary food emphasizing no human food. A food dispenser and play was recommended.


Celia  spoke about moving home and the effect this had on animals as this was stressful.  Gave advice to use cattery for two week whilst home was put in order. A special spray was mentioned or plug in that all vets are aware of. Best to keep cat in one room for 2 weeks.


Nazli February is dental month when all pets should have an exam from vets Most problems with short nosed dogs and their jaws this also applies to cats.


Guest Jill Newman Rogers president of Arch seeks volunteers for their abandoned horses and donkeys no experience needed. Jill mentions adoption procedure by contacting the team. Donations are desperately needed. (34) 6756935613. More information re this interview.  www.horserescuespain.org  archrescue@yhoo.co.uk


Val Bonney is Australia’s leading authority on Dog Training and Author of the SERIES of BEST SELLING Dog Training Books "Who’s the Boss?" "Are you STILL the Boss?" and her NEW BOOK "Hey Babe, Who’s the Boss?" available amazon or www.bonnies.org



Val discussed the training of dogs that were blind.


Enjoy the show




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