Red Feeding -Water Bowls

During a recent seminar I attended there was proof beyond doubt that red plastic water bowls can cause unstable behaviour due to the dye used.
Red bowls are now banned for dogs used  as companion dogs and those leading the blind.

Nina Bondarenko a leading behaviourist for companion dogs that assist humans with no arms or legs informed me:- ‘We noticed some consistent hyper behaviour, and began to research by eliminating diet factors, then environmental factors, and eventually I read a paper on it somewhere, and double checked with a homeopathic vet, and we just stopped using them. Plastic water bowls are used in our vans and the puppy walkers keep one in their car for the dogs on car trips, so we just don’t ever buy red ones.’

So throw away your  plastic bowls whatever the colour, in fact metal or ceramic are far superior, they do not scratch and are much more hygienic.  I would now recommend that plastic water bowls should not be used since any colour means that a dye has been used. Any dye is unstable and can cause behaviour problems.

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