Most vets are now selling a collar that will protect your dogs from Leishmaniasis.

The collar is called Scalibor and I recommend all dogs and  cats wear one. If you find the collar too big, cut off to size, and put  the spare piece where the dogs sleeps. Change the collar for a new one every 6 months and wash them in soapy water every month.

Here is a report on the product  from Imperial College. Department of Biology, by Dr R Killick-Kendrick
Control of canine leishmaniasis: Dog collars impregnated with deltamethrin were investigated for their effect on phlebotomine sandflies, vectors of human and canine leishmaniasis in the Mediterranean subregion. Dogs were periodically exposed indoors to laboratory-reared sandflies inside a net.

All flies were then collected and scored in four categories: live/fed, live/unfed, dead/fed or dead/unfed. The collars protected the dogs from 96%
of the bites with the activity maintained up to and including week 34. Twenty to 60% of the flies confined with the collared dogs were dead in the nets compared to 0-12% with the controls. Widespread use of the collars would break the contact between dog and fly, and greatly reduce the circulation of the parasite. The collars are therefore a new option for the control of both human and canine leishmaniasis.

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