Scratching in the wrong places

You’ve given your cat an alternate place to scratch, but kitty continues to sharpen his/her claws in places you’d rather he/she didn’t. You can reduce or stop such improper scratching incidents in the home by trying some or all of the following:

– Spray kitty with a stream of water from a plant sprayer when you catch it in the act. Try and do it from six to eight feet away, so that kitty doesn’t directly associate the water with you. Timing is critical – the water should hit the cat just as it begins to scratch so that it will think that scratching the object is what actually caused the stream of water!

– Treat the most abused objects with a commercially available cat repellent, which will have an odor unpleasant to kitty. Black pepper, Tabasco sauce, or mothballs will also work.

– Place double-sided sticky tape on the most commonly scratched areas. Most fastidious felines hate the sticky feel of it on their paws and will decide to move on.

– Place crumpled sheets of newspaper or aluminum foil near the areas, as cats tend to feel the crinkly texture is undesirable.

You should try these for six to eight weeks before considering alternatives. However, none of these deterrents will work properly unless you also provide kitty with an authorized scratching area. So make sure you have good scratching posts on hand, and always encourage and reward the use of them!

David the Dogman

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