Hi David


Without history we have nothing the History of the startup  of the BPSCA and recognition was brave for all involved 15 plus years ago we were pioneers.

Just been reading up one of my books where  it is mentioned that George Grayson  and a few others were the inspiration of the BPSCA  I was responsible for setting up the forum  and managing it with George for all those both presently and in the past in any kind of working dog, police, military, prison security, rescue, drugs and explosive work. I administered on a day to day basis for many hours into the morning because of USA time difference where times were different years ago between us we introduced the BPSCA to the world of ex-service men. The 10 Testimonials in my book tonight brought tears to my eyes to think what we achieved in the early day with a good caliber of men. On several occasions I was invited to the RAF dog unit in Gibraltar and made many new friends there it was my highlight of the trip to see our magazines in all reception areas and to be told that lads loved reading and often contributed articles.


So there you are and from small acorns I am delighted to meet you and Sue and would be delighted one day to receive a copy of the mag I still write for and the only one of 8 magazines that do not send me a copy!  Whatever I will continue to help with articles as I know how hard it is for you editors.

You have my book at the back Acknowledgements and Profiles 310 and Testimonials 323


Good my friend

Be safe and God Bless


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