We knew we were Special,
Right from the start.
You loved us so dearly,
Deep down in your heart.

Our leaving has hurt you, but try not to cry,
One fine day, we’ll meet in the sky.
Kendal was waiting, so healthy and strong,
She was delighted, she’d waited so long.

We’re all very happy, we miss you we do,
Us Seven together we’ll all start anew.
Remember we Love you, just look to a star,
We’re sometimes close by you, we’ll never be far.

Our wings they are glistening,
In the bright golden sun.
We’re Gods Special Angels,
We are second to none!

Irene Linden
Dedicated to our Special Seven  – 
Kendal, Crystal, Kayla, Blossom, Jessie, Emily and Kerrus.

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