This is the time of year to ensure that your dog does not drown in your pool. If a pool does not have walk in steps then there is no way that your dog can ever get out of the pool. The result is they swim until there little hearts give up on them and drown.

Of course it is very costly to call in builders to rebuild and put walk in steps into your pool. The first sensible advice is to build a fence around the pool.  Many people do this to ensure that children cannot fall into the pool. The other safety idea is to fit a chair upside down on top of the swimming pool ladders. By doing this you will ensure that  if the dog falls into the pool he  has a platform to get on and will be able to get out of the pool.

Chemicals and dogs do not get on, dogs can suffer dermatological skin problems from chlorine. I have recently acquired the new Foatron which requires no plumbing and is powered by solar energy. Using the Floatron costs nothing to run and you are free from any costs and no chemicals.The refill electrode costs 5000 pesetas every 18-24 months and eliminates chemicals and irritations, odours and bleaching associated with chlorine.  During the testing  I have not used any chlorine and the water is absolutely clear with no algae and the water is softer.

Further details can be obtained from Frank  on 95 281 7451

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